About us

What’s in a name? At Chrome Classic… EVERYTHING!
Chrome Classic Clothing was born from 2 founding goals:
1) Each year, we will total up the number of orders we had, and donate $1 per order to organizations that support those with developmental disabilities. Since my son Madden was born with Down syndrome (a genetic chromosome disorder where children are born with a full or partial extra copy of the 21st chromosome), I have become involved with organizations that help those with Down syndrome and other intellectual disabilities. My long-term goal is to provide employment to those with intellectual disabilities. 

2) To share my love of fashion with our customers by bringing them must have classic clothing pieces that will “make” an outfit.
Great clothing drives everything we do. 
If you take a moment to look at our logo, you will notice the two intertwined letter C’s form to make an X chromosome. As you support our outstanding fashion pieces, you can feel good knowing that you are also supporting a company with a heart and a purpose.
Stacie Robinson