New Kids at School

This past week my kids started school.  They are going to a new school this year and it has been hard for my mama bear heart.  I loved their old school but Madden is starting preschool and I wanted all three of them at the same school. 

I felt great about moving schools but when my kids came home and told me that they didn't have any friends to play with anxiety and stress consumed me.  Every day that first week it was the same thing.  All the kids were playing with each other and didn't want to play with the new kids.  It literally made me sick.  I didn't have a lot of friends growing up so I knew how my kids were feeling.  I didn't want my kids to turn out like me.  I talked to them about how kids were naturally kind and weren't trying to shut them out.  I told them to just ask them to play instead of just watching all of them play.  I loved them extra that week and thankfully they bounced back.

It made me think about life and what we all want from it.  Everyone wants to be excepted and loved.  No one wants to be alone.  Everyone wants to feel like they belong and that they are needed.  Madden has always been a perfect example of this.  He has always shown love to everyone.  He includes everyone.  I feel like his DISABILITY has given him the ABILITY to love unconditionally.  He has so much to teach us.



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