Mom Guilt

Mom Guilt is ugly and nasty and I wish it would go away.  We all feel it in some form.  Whether you are a working mom or not you never feel like you are never doing enough for your children. 

Last week, Madden's teacher asked me to bring in snacks on Friday for his birthday.  Let me preface this by saying I NEVER bring in treats for any of my kids birthdays because I know I run late and I don't plan my day accordingly.  Being confronted by his teacher, I couldn't say no because I would be "that mom" in the whole class who didn't bring in birthday treats so I said yes.  I get there 3 minutes late and the teacher had already served up snacks for the day.  She told me that she didn't know I was coming and she didn't want the kids to go hungry.  I felt terrible.  Not only did I leave the cookies at home(my husband brought them later) but I felt like a failure of a mom.  I let my kid down.  I said hi to Madden real fast left my snacks for a later day, and left defeated.  Tears just came pouring out of my eyes. 

I felt bad for my kids that their mom wasn't able to be on time and that they were the ones who suffered.  I felt bad that I couldn't be that fun mom you always see doing things with their kids.  Then when Madden came home with my husband he ran up and gave me a big hug.  He didn't care that I brought in snacks.  He only cares that I am there when he needs me.  I may not be a perfect mom; but I'm the perfect mom for my children.  I need to realize that what others do may not be what my kids need.  They need what I can give them.  Let's stop this mom guilt and just love our kids and ourselves unconditionally. 

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