Best of Friends

Madden has struggled going to school.  There have been several kids that cry the entire time and it's been hard on him.  He doesn't like it when kids are sad.  He thinks they are hurt so it makes him sad.  I know that his sweet tender heart is making him sad, but his teacher's probably think he is just crying because the other kids are crying. 

On Friday Madden didn't want to get out of the car.  He held onto my leg and grabbed me.  He NEVER does this.  He is always so good about going to others.  His best friend Caden wasn't there yet.  I had to drop him off and walk away and watch him fall to the ground with tears streaming down his face.  I dropped him off at a place that gave him anxiety.  I left him without a friend.  It broke my heart. 

When I picked Madden up, Caden's mom told me that when she dropped Caden off that morning Madden was still sad.  He saw Caden coming and he was happier that he was there.  At the end of the day these two were playing great and you would have never known that it was a rough morning.  I love the relationship they have.  I can't wait to see them in 10 years.  A best friend is always there for you.  For the good times and bad.




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