34 Weeks Pregnant

It was hard being pregnant.  I didn't have any of the "normal" stages of pregnancy.  I didn't want to nest, I didn't want to get the room ready for him to come and I didn't want to think about a name for him. 

I knew that a lot of babies with down Syndrome have heart conditions.  So being proactive, I scheduled to have a fetal echo cardiogram to see if his heart was ok or if we needed to prepare for surgery when he was born.  I went to the appointment with my daughter Kayla (who was 3 at the time, hubby was out of town again); and everything was going great until it took FOREVER for the doctor to come in.  I knew something was wrong and it wasn't easy trying to entertain a 3 year old.  Finally after waiting 30 minutes, the cardiologist came in and quickly said, "His heart looks great but there are pockets of fluid all over his body especially around the lungs and brain.  I just got off the phone with your doctor and he has scheduled an appointment for you in Phoenix to see a perinatologist (aka a high risk OBGYN doctor)."  He gave me the directions to the office and I left shell shocked.

I called my husband letting him know what was going on.  He was actually at the airport and would be home soon.  I dropped my daughter off at my parents and we met at the doctor's office.  They did an ultrasound of my baby measuring every detail 3-4 times.  I couldn't believe it when they told me he was weighing 6lbs already because a couple weeks earlier he was only 3lbs.  The perinatologist was very vague with what was going on, but he said that he didn't know how rapidly the fluid was accumulating and that he wanted me to come back every other day to see if it was getting worse.  He prepped us saying, that our baby was going to be delivered soon possibly the next time we came in so we needed to get things in order. 

I wasn't ready for this news.  Our other son Trey's birthday was in 2 days.   I didn't have a name.  I needed to wash his clothes.  Was he going to be ok?  I went to my doctor for an appointment the next day and he reassured me everything would be fine and that he would just have to be in the NICU a couple days when he was delivered.  I believed him because he was the doctor and I was the patient.   

For two weeks I went in for ultra sounds every other day to see if the fluid was getting worse.  On Friday, May, 17th we got the news that the fluid had increased.  We saw a different perinatogist that day.  He was surprised that we didn't know what the fluid meant.  He told us that we needed to go to the hospital that night and deliver our baby.  We were so confused on the mixed messages from the doctors that we waited.  I called my doctor on his cell phone and told him the news.  He scheduled me to come in on Monday morning to deliver him.

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